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2 thoughts on “Follow Me

  1. As your mom, I couldn’t be more proud of you, of who you are: the wonderful mother that you are, always there to hear what your kids have to say; the spectacular wife/friend you are to your wonderful and grateful husband; the generous person you are as a daughter, a friend, niece, cousin, granddaughter. I know there have been times when you have accepted your body as is [it’s wonderful] and hope you will feel that way permanently! I say this while I am getting used to my new body, 15 pounds [maybe more] heavier since I retired 17 months ago. I consider whether I should just accept it, and haven’t even considered a diet, something that’s quite foreign to me. So my belly joins yours in being bigger than I ever thought it would be but so what! Let’s just be happy!! I love you and all the family and the 2 fabulous grandchildren you’ve given me. I delight in them and I don’t think they’ve noticed my weight gain!!

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